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Julie Lambert 

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach

Frustration and need plus a dose of curiosity pushed me to seek out hypnotherapy at two different times in my 30s. One, to finally rid myself of a casual smoking habit and the other, for stage fright. After experiencing its fast and transformative effect with just one session, I was hooked. Years as a Personal & Executive Coach wasn't lost as I use my coaching experience as a framework to ask great questions and to listen well -  but, the hypnosis component is where the magic happens, where it all slots into place.

Since becoming a hypnotherapist, I was drawn to looking into ways to go past the conscious/subconscious mind and up to the superconscious where higher intuition and inner wisdom resides. The Answers from Within audio recording is the result of this endeavour. It is deeply relaxing with an opportunity to ask your superconscious mind a question. At just 33 minutes long, it can also be used as daily, deep meditation practice. Clients who have experienced it have reported some very interesting, out-of-the-box, enlightening answers.

It is worth mentioning here that increasingly my practice is evolving to partnering with high performance athletes - one client represented New Zealand at the Olympics.  I travelled extensively with the Chinese National Tennis team (also with athletes from Canada and the UK) so I understand the trials and tribulations of life on the road competing.  (My husband is a high performance coach). Athletes tell me they experience complete shifts, no nerves and heightened focus and calmness.  Each session is individually tailored. These are powerful sessions.  Do contact me for further details if you are in this specific group.

While based in New Zealand I am often on the road where I take opportunities to write and do sessions via WhatsApp. If you live locally to me, then message me and I can tell you my whereabouts if you prefer in-person. But I find WhatsApp very effective and convenient. (And more stable and confidential than Zoom).

If you are considering hypnotherapy, I urge you to experience it for yourself.  Hypnosis is a natural state and you will hear everything I say. It is not like the TV or stage shows. Everything is discussed beforehand so you know exactly what we are doing, how and why.

After working with hundreds of clients I find it is a simple case of untying the knot and releasing the tangle, the wonky thought lodged in the subconscious. This release, the reset back to normal setting again, is often profound and far reaching with unexpected insights and shifts. Since everything is happening at the back, the good news is that you don't have to do anything post-session. Once the shift is made, the body and the mind just do it for you. That's why weight loss clients lose interest in their `problem' foods.  As one client said, 'It was the easiest thing I didn't have to do.'

So why not try it? You might wish you had done it sooner.  Apart from weight loss where there are three core sessions, all other sessions are usually stand alone. Be prepared for two fascinating hours and let the magic happen.

Hypnosis New Zealand Professional Member

Graduate, Coach U Inc, USA

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