Julie Lambert 

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach

Curiosity and need pushed me to seek out hypnotherapy - one session to finally rid myself of a casual smoking habit, and the other, for stage fright. After experiencing its fast and transformative effect, I added hypnotherapy to my skill set as a personal & executive coach. It’s a super combination. 


I enjoy writing, my first book, Angels Carry Umbrellas, was a finalist in the Ashton Wylie Unpublished Manuscript Award which led me to write its follow-up, Hand Me That Umbrella! A third book, Vertical: an energy book is under consideration with a New Zealand publishing house.


In my spare time I love to walk on my local beach and am often found in my home town of Ohope, close to Whakatane, or on regular visits to Auckland. Work takes me many places and I endeavour to see my clients whether it is in-person or via Zoom links. 


If you are considering hypnotherapy, all that is required is a true desire for change. It is the conscious, seemingly rational, logical part of the mind that sets up the barriers and questions. Hypnotherapists don’t work with this part. We work with the unconscious part of the mind - the one responsible for holding all memories and experiences - whatever thought the conscious mind’s original spin on it is. It’s a simple case of untying the knot and releasing the tangle, and it often has profound, far reaching and unexpected insights.

Hypnosis New Zealand Professional Member

Graduate, Coach U Inc, USA