While the conscious mind plans and thinks and ruminates over stuff, the subconscious is on alert 24/7. The subconscious is the library of memories and experiences we dip into beginning from the time we are born. These memories and experiences are very useful when doing repetitive tasks - it allows us to switch off and think about other things. (After tasting an apple, we now know what an apple tastes like). 

But over time, our subconscious thinking may work against us when it continues to present a jumble of old, outdated beliefs and behaviours that beat us up and keep us small. And it can feel impossible to try and change or update it. Willpower alone can be tough. Try to tell yourself not to have `whatever it is’ when something is pushing you do or to have to it?


That’s why hypnotherapy is so valuable.

Hypnosis is a natural, light trance state that we go in and out of hundreds of time a day. Do you remember driving that familiar journey and suddenly arriving? Or eating lunch then realising with a start, you have finished it? Hypnotherapists are highly trained to use this natural state to speak directly to the subconscious mind to make what can be significant and life changing shifts and changes. The changes you want, right now. For most, hypnotherapy is fast. Only a handful of sessions required.


Conscious mind


Subconscious mind



Boosting confidence

As well as being able to help improve your overall 

confidence, hypnosis can work to enhance your self-belief around specific areas, such as in work or relationships, or around a specific goal such as taking a driving test, giving a speech or a presentation.


Overcoming sleep problems

As long as there are no underlying health issues, the use of hypnosis provides your mind with a framework for shutting down more effectively. In addition to insomnia, hypnosis for deep sleep can also help to alleviate a range of other sleep disorders and conditions. Research has shown hypnosis to be effective for overcoming jet lag, night terrors, and sleepwalking.



Hypnosis can help you to break old, flawed subconscious thinking habits that keep you from making progress. Like fear of failure. Or being overly critical. Or lacking confidence. Retrain the subconscious to stop these harmful habits and reframe them more positively, leaving you free to think, plan and operate from a more connected, peaceful place.


Losing weight

Numerous studies show that losing weight through hypnotherapy has a high success rate. While each individual has different reasons for gaining and holding weight, once this key is identified, old limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours can be positively transformed to allow space for a new way of living and being .


Dealing with fears and phobias

Many phobias and fears exist in our subconscious and are learned responses. This makes them particularly responsive to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help you unlearn the fear response, build up your exposure and in time ease the associated anxiety. 


Improving self esteem

Hypnotherapy with a blend of life coaching, can make an enormous difference if you are lacking in self-esteem. Getting to the core of any issue is vital and once identified, hypnotherapy aims to replace old patterns of beliefs and behaviours, thus enabling you to find or regain your inherent personal power.


Business and Sports

Tailored sessions to overcome obstacles and identify what you think might be holding you back.

Situations where before would start a repetitive, 

negative chain reaction are released, allowing space for clear, logical thinking and even joy to be competing or achieving in your chosen endeavour.  By transforming your thinking you can transform your performance.


Becoming a non-smoker

Hypnotherapy is widely known and documented as a successful method to help stop smoking. One session. Free booster session if required.


Managing stress

A combination of coaching and hypnotherapy provide tools and fascinating insights to help tune down an 

over-active stress response to life happenings. Ongoing stress can create serious health issues so addressing real stresses versus imagined can provide a calmer and clearer way to live.


Spiritual Issues

Have you had any unusual experiences, strange dreams, coincidences and synchronicities that you would love to gain greater clarity and understanding? Accessing the superconscious mind, your connection to everything creates a space to provide answers to your own questions.

Sessions vary - just ask.

1 session, 90 min - $145

Julie Lambert,

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach

        Curiosity and need pushed me to seek out hypnotherapy - one session to finally rid myself of a casual smoking habit, and the other, for stage fright. After experiencing its fast and transformative effect, I added hypnotherapy to my skill set as a personal & executive coach. It’s a super combination. 




I had such a profound experience with Julie. I feel as though my insecurities that have held me back in life have shifted and been redefined, allowing me to start progressing forward in life and really, finally step in to my true potential.” 

—  Jessica K., 32 years


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